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Dr Shaun Richardson

Dr Shaun Richardson


Shaun is a passionate and enthusiastic osteopath who strongly believes in maximising patients’ potential. He strives to motivate people to improve their health, and focuses upon improving the efficiency of their movements.

Coming from a sporting background, he has a special interest in managing sports injuries. He has significant experience in gait analysis, biomechanics and footwear. He works with all populations (office workers, tradespeople, young and old) to improve mobility, promote postural awareness and build strength.

Chadstone Region Osteopathy

Located within The Health & Wellbeing Studio, the practitioners at Chadstone Region Osteopathy can help to reduce pain, improve flexibility and mobility, increase strength and coordination, promote more efficient movement patterns, and keep your body capable of doing what you need it to do.

Who can benefit from Osteopathy?

Our Osteopaths are experienced in assisting a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, acute or chronic, including those with circulatory, arthritic or neurological components.

Our Osteopaths utilise manual therapy techniques (such as massage, stretching, mobilisation etc) as well as provide exercise rehabilitation and education on how to manage or prevent recurrence.

We pride ourselves on helping you to understand your condition, prognosis and ways that you can assist with your recovery.

Our goal is to treat the cause of your symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves. As such, we will always undertake a thorough medical history, plus perform the necessary clinical tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis. We work closely with GP’s and specialists, and will refer you to them if required.


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