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About Us

At The Health & Wellbeing Studio we specialise in family health and supporting families through each life stage. From preconception and pregnancy, through to infants, children, adolescence and adults, our team of dedicated, highly qualified and specialized practitioners can assist you in creating physical health & emotional fulfilment.

At The Health & Wellbeing Studio we believe that being healthy is not just the absence of disease but rather a state of balance between Mind, Body & Emotions, whilst managing the demands placed on our bodies during day to day living. When the demand of our day to day living impacts our Mind, Body and Emotions an imbalance occurs and our body sends us subtle messages using physical and emotional signs and symptoms – its primary goal; to gain our attention so that we implement change.

To help you with this The Studio offers a range of services and a team of like-minded practitioners who can offer an integrative approach. Their aim is to help you find the underlying causes of ill-health & dis-ease and help you restore balance. Our mission is to help guide, educate and support you whilst encouraging you to be proactive in your own health care with the ultimate goal of creating positive and long lasting changes for you and your family.

Restoring full health and attaining wellness is an exciting process. Our team is dedicated to working with you; supporting and guiding you all the way. This is a commitment that is full of rewards, including new found energy, vitality, awareness and understanding. Over time, as you achieve your goals, you will find the process of maintaining your optimal health and wellness simply becomes the way you and your family live life.

We look forward to working with you to nourish your gift of health.


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Bianca Potenta
Founder of The Health & Wellbeing Studio


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