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Your first Naturopathic Appointment? What can you expect?

Written by Melbourne Naturopaths Bree Jenner & Bianca Potenta What can I expect? Your initial Naturopathic appointment will be split over two consultations. The initial consultation takes one hour. During the first part of this consultation, your Naturopath will take an in-depth case of your health and medical history. This will include questions about many...
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D-fend yourself from colds and flu with D-lightful Vitamin D

Written by Melbourne Naturopaths Bree Jenner & Bianca Potenta As the Melbourne winter weather settles upon us and flu season says it’s annual “HELLO,” it’s the perfect time to start boosting our immune system and building our resilience. A great place to start is making sure that our Vitamin D levels are in tip top...
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Can a fast food binge have negative long-term effects on our health?

Fast Food…. Most of us know it isn’t good for us, but it’s everywhere! And our busy lives can have us reaching for food that is quick, easy and at the end of the week, preferably delivered! Some may avoid having fast food regularly, keeping it to an occasional treat, “Its Friday and I’ve been...
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Have you blocked out YOU time this Holiday Season?

Well, that’s it for another year of Christmas festivities, and hopefully that is your cue to put your feet up.  Take advantage of the long weekend (if you’re lucky enough!) and treat yourself to the most important gift of all, some YOU time.  Now is a great time to reflect on the year that is...
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Tips to Stay Hydrated

It’s going to be a hot one over summer in Melbourne this year.  It’s easy to forget your routine during this busy time so we’ve put together a few tips and reminders for you to stay hydrated.  Dehydration can lead to muscle cramping and fatigue, headaches, digestive complaints, confusion, irritability and tiredness – not very...
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Christmas Morning Breakfast

It’s Christmas morning, and you can rest assured that you won’t go hungry.  In fact, you’ll likely be turning away food rather than searching for it. We suggest a light, wholesome breakfast to kick off your celebrations that will help break your fast, stimulate your digestion, and prepare you for a big day.  Be sure...
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Tips for Socialising and Eating Out

The allure of Melbourne’s amazing choice for dining out is powerful at the best of times, but add in the buzzing, balmy nights that surround the festive season, and it can be particularly tempting. Here are some tips to help you make it through the holidays without falling off the wagon and undoing all of...
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Tips for Reducing Alcohol Consumption over the Holiday Season

It’s party time everywhere – work, home, best friends, new friends, family, neighbours… you may feel inclined to accept that celebratory champagne, or your busy Christmas calendar has you double booked on the weekend and a few more nights during the week, or you drop eye contact with your glass for one second and that...
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Women’s Health Week: Time to Move

Hopscotch Fitness Co-owner, Louise Spindler shares the importance of exercise for health, and finding time to move your body. Here at Hopscotch Fitness we love working with women… including the Mums who always seem to be looking after everyone except themselves! Students who spends heaps of time crouched over their laptops and female footy players...
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