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Well, that’s it for another year of Christmas festivities, and hopefully that is your cue to put your feet up.  Take advantage of the long weekend (if you’re lucky enough!) and treat yourself to the most important gift of all, some YOU time.  Now is a great time to reflect on the year that is about to pass, and the plans and goals you have set for the year ahead; the things that will excite you and make your eyes sparkle with imagination and achievement.  These thoughts don’t have to be overwhelming… start small and see where your mind takes you in a moment of quiet.

  • Go for a gentle walk after a big meal, particularly after a big meal, to help your body digest more efficiently.
  • Enlist some extra hands to help clean up after your meal – many hands make light work and
  • Allow yourself a sleep in on Boxing Day morning (or another morning during the break). Even with little ones, create some space for a quiet morning (maybe a quiet activity like reading a book in bed), a late breakfast,
  • Use the break to get to bed early where possible. Getting to bed before midnight increases the conversion of serotonin to melotonin which supports sleep-wake cycles and promotes a more positive mood.
  • Immerse yourself in some nature. Head off on a bush walk, through a park or a walk along the beach.  Take some big, deep breaths, filling your lungs with fresh air.  You could even just find a patch of grass under a tree in your yard with a relaxing herbal tea such as chamomile, lemon balm or passionflower and a good book (a Christmas gift to yourself, perhaps?).
  • Download a mindfulness app to help settle your thoughts… Try 1 Giant Mind, Smiling Mind or Calm, which are all free to download.
  • Take turns with a neighbour or friend to mind each other’s children for a few hours and take the time to spend with your partner, your bestie or by yourself to have a nap, go out for lunch or for a walk to reconnect.

Written by Naturopath Bree Jenner

© The Health & Wellbeing Studio 2017

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