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Exercise Right Week 23rd – 29th May

Exercise Right Week 2016 helps to spread the word about the benefits of movement, how to exercise right, and how to make movement work for you as an individual.  Seeking an expert in this field can help you work WITH your abilities, lifestyle and any challenges you may face to get you moving.  We spoke to Wiki Yu from Hopscotch Fitness about her motivation to move, and help others to move too.

What motivates you to move?

Seeing how a sedentary life can be so damaging to people’s health not only motivates me to move but motivates me to help others move more often.

I also like a challenge, so quite often I’ll pick a movement, exercise or sport I might not be good at and try and better myself. That motivates me to move!

Why do you feel exercise is important?

Exercise is important, as the human body is not designed to sit all day or be sedentary. The body is designed to move in all different facets in different terrains. The body craves challenge and change to learn, adapt and grow. Whatever the exercise may be, it is a great way to get that body moving. Exercising is beneficial both mentally and physically, it can also increase our awareness, prevent injuries and other medical conditions that may arise.

How have you seen exercise change someone’s life?

I’ve had many clients who have had injuries. You can see their physical and mental changes through the journey, completing their rehab exercises to being able to train or compete again, to being diligent with their rehab exercises. Sometimes it’s life changing. Two scenarios really stand out to me, one client who had lost over 25kgs through consistent training and a balance of nutritious food. Her confidence grew and she had never been happier, she was able to play the sports she loved. I’ve also been working with another client of mine who has rheumatoid arthritis. We’ve been working on regaining her movement range, especially in the shoulders. After 6 months of working on specific exercises, her range had increased dramatically, the joy on her face, the strength she had gained and the movement she once found difficult were not so hard anymore. This is why I think everyone should move. The body is designed to move and train.

How does someone find out what exercise is right for them?

If you are unsure, it is best to seek help, find a trainer or coach that can help with YOUR specific needs and goals.  Do your homework, find out from friends and family if they know of anyone. Observe and then chat to the person you are interested in working with. There are many choices out there, you have to find the one that is right for you. My suggestion – definitely do some research.

Do you have any tips to help people fit exercise into their already busy week?

Don’t think of exercise as another chore, think of it as part of your life, it’s like breathing, eating and sleeping. Think of exercising as moving, it is something everyone should be able to do often in a day. It doesn’t have been long, it doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be smart and do what your body and mind needs to help increase your health. It’s definitely something that gets dropped when all is failing around you. You have to be strong and stick to it as the physical and mental benefits outweigh any excuses to avoid exercising. Especially if you have kids, you want to be healthy for you and your kids, be good roles models so start looking after yourself!

If you have to, schedule it like an important business meeting with your boss, no one ever wants to miss those! Be prepared, be organised.

Wiki Yu is a Personal Trainer and Owner of Hopscotch Fitness, a small business offering personalized training to meet the needs of any individual or group to help you reach your goal and to learn more about staying healthy in today’s fast pace environment.  Wiki has an energetic, motivating, focused and honest approach.  She is passionate about further educating herself about the body and movement so that she can provide the most up to date and relevant advice to her clients.  She welcomes the opportunity to get to know her clients, working with them to get the results they want to transform lives from the inside out.

Hopscotch Fitness are launching their 21 Day “Take Charge” Kick Start Program on May 30th 2016, including six group training classes to teach you the fundamentals of strength training.  Head to the website for details https://hopscotchfitness.leadpages.co/take-charge/

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|| E: wiki.yu@hopsctotchfitness.com.au
|| A: Hopscotch Fitness – Unit 10, 8 Evans Street, Burwood 3125 and  South Pacific Health Club – CBW Building, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne 
|| W: www.hopscotchfitness.com.au

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