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Hopscotch Fitness Co-owner, Louise Spindler shares the importance of exercise for health, and finding time to move your body.

Here at Hopscotch Fitness we love working with women… including the Mums who always seem to be looking after everyone except themselves! Students who spends heaps of time crouched over their laptops and female footy players who want to play harder and faster.

We do a variety of training with the ladies at Hopscotch Fitness. First up we want to get quality movement throughout the body. Mobility is important for training and exercise along with stability, movement and strength training.

With enough mobility throughout your body, you will be able go through movements (which might be with or without weight) more easily and with less chance of hurting or injuring yourself.

Many of us are in jobs that involve sitting for most of the day, being on your feet all-day or working with repetitive movements. Having some kind of movement/exercise routine is a must!

Movement and training will contribute towards health joints and connective tissue. What does that really mean though? It means less chance of pain and injury. Improved posture. Better movement with everyday things such as getting into the car, gardening, picking up the kids, carrying bags, playing sport and going to the gym.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you are moving your body on a regular basis. Yoga, strength training, boxing, interval training, pilates, personal training… they’re all options, no one option is the best option, the only best option is to make sure you’re moving your body at least 3 times a week.

Do yourself a favour, get that body moving, your future self will thank you!
If you’re in need of some inspiration, motivation and a supportive environment, get in contact with the women at Hopscotch Fitness.

Louise Spindler, Co-owner of Hopscotch Fitness
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