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It doesn’t matter how well you plan, Christmas is the season for leftovers. Some might argue that this is one of the top 5 best things about Christmas? With so much time, effort and care put into creating a delicious feast, it would be a shame to waste even the smallest morsel.

We’ve selected a few famous Christmas faces and come up with a few ideas or how you can reuse them for the rest of the week!

Fresh Seafood
Salads, sushi, rice paper rolls, frittata or omelette, add to soups such as Asian Style Broth.

Roast Chicken
Thai Chicken Salad, Quinoa Sushi, rice paper rolls, frittata or omelette, tacos or burritos, bone broth, add to soups such as Asian Style Broth. Add to wraps and sandwiches. Combine leftover meat or beans and vegetables into a shepherds pie.

Roast Vegetables
Add a vinaigrette, some salad leaves and a little fetta for a Roast Vegetable Salad, mash the vegetables and add some tuna for tuna patties, mash the veggies together and pan fry for a flavourful bubble and squeak, add some bone broth or vegetable stock and blend for a roast vegetable soup.

Lemony Quinoa Stuffing
Tabouleh salad, add an egg and form into quinoa bites (crumb for arancini!), stuff vegetables and bake for a light dinner.

Cheese Platter
Crumble cheese over salads such as a Beetroot, spinach and walnut salad, grate into Quiche or omelettes.

Christmas Pudding
Pan fry crumbled cake or pudding and add to Chia Puds for a post-Christmas breakfast, or crumble over buckwheat pancakes, fruit salad or yoghurt.


Written by Melbourne Naturopath Bree Jenner

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